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For my friends who mentioned meeting up with me here in June, I know you'll love it. I think any type of traveller would love it there. It's easy enough to stay in the tourist area...which is spectacular. Photos can't really capture it because the other senses are so important to the atmosphere.

There is just a park that separates Aya Sophia from the Blue Mosque. So, I could stand in the middle of the park and look at the Blue Mosque, then turn 180 degrees and look at Aya Sophia, then turn 180 degrees again and look at the Blue Mosqe, then turn 180 degrees....

Oh, and then I had to do it again at sunrise and again at sunset. The Blue Mosque has this luminous glow even though it's made of grey stone.

Then there are the smells of the Spice Bazaar...coffee, cardamom, henna...

And the call to prayer echoing amongst the buildings:

Beyond the tourist area, the city is crazy dynamic. There are over 11 million people and I think they are all out and moving.

I mostly just bopped around the tourist area. I did a tour of Aya Sophia and met a guy from Peru who's been living in the US and we hit the Taksim district which is the hip party street....it's packed with people for miles every night. But, I'll be back later to check out more. So, if you were thinking of coming out...

Sorry, no photos right now due to technical difficulties.

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I have arrıved

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Um. Apparently I was supposed to have a person that I check ın wıth every week. Whoever you are, just want to let you know that I've arrıved safely...

And now thıs same sectıon typed on a Turkısh keyboard:

<<umç Apparently <ı was supposed to have a person that ı check ın wıth every weekç Whoever you areö just want to let you know thaıt <ıive arrıved safelyççç

There was a "securıty ıncıdent" that caused a bıt of a flıght delay...ın LONDON. Those dang Western countrıes are SO dangerous. But other than thıs (and the hell that ıs economy aır travel), the flıght was entırely decent. I sat next to a Canadıan couple who were on theır way to Iran and Indıa. They had already traveled ın Lebanon, Syrıa, and Turkey but wanted to go to the next cool place. After that I ran ınto a couple more Amerıcan gırls who had done the solo Syrıa & Lebanon thıng. I am SO on the beaten path.

Oooo....thıs one's for my co-workers. At Heathrow aırport. Please forward to Facılıtıes:

Totally effectıve.

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Leaving the safety of the nest


OK...for those of you who are all worried that it might be dangerous where I'm going...as of this week I now have what appears to be a drug house next door. Either that or a clump of homeless folk discovered it was vacant. Seriously. I'm calling the RE management company in the morning.

Also...booking ahead my first night in Istanbul (I'm getting soft - to be fair, I arrive late at night so am not enamoured of the idea of schlepping around in the dark looking for a place to stay).

Preview....I booked a bunk on their rooftop terrace:


Kinda cute, isn't it?

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Refrigerator Poetry

Packing up

Packing is....a million little things.

At this point I'm removing my refrigerator magnets. I have that magnetic poetry kit up there - the one with all the miscellaneous words one can arrange. Over the years friends and family have messed with it, creating masterpieces and gibberish. I don't know who's responsible for what, but on many I have a good guess. So, for posterity....

I that would die
Night is over
Wake me

Translucent lips
Bleed deep red in porcelain
Perfume breath blue

We know God

Kiss men who dazzle their women

Cat boy
Broken and growling
by the smoky and webbish picture window
Cloudless dirt day
He is crank's prisoner

Life is a good as
Present here

Bring me champagne

With an almost brilliant blush
My desire

Pierced velvet morning
like some soft needle
Color melts away

Sexy naked women lingering for coffee

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Past the middle of the night....


I'm recouping from a night of drinking with my super cool coworkers. Yeah, I mean that. They're great. Trying to figure out why I have to upheave such a perfect setup. Again...it has something to do with the mall....

But once I land on the other side, I'm sure everything will be ok. I think some part of me made a sound decision to go. But I won't be safe and I'm not excited. The coolest thing is that, for the past two months, I have LOVED what I have in a way I may never have noticed if I weren't bailing on the whole thing. It's never been about the decisions one makes. Rather it's about one's attitude toward the situation one then finds oneself in.

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